Andrew Turner

Coming late to the field of dance after studies in history and philosophy, Andrew Turner has cultivated a rich, grounded and visceral choreographic vocabulary. Urban-inflected, stemming from both his training in the martial arts and traditional dance forms, Andrew’s movement is raw and forceful, often pushing the limits of physicality, while remaining precise and nuanced in its expressivity.

Aligning this vigourous, rough-and-ready physicality with a sharply delivered analysis and critique, Andrew Turner explores the    possibilities of performance with  discernment and penetrating humour. Insisting on clarity and legibility from his propositions, Andrew has made a practice of speaking through the fourth wall, offering his audience explanations, commentary and possibilities of interpretation. The “performative moment”, the point at which staged work is transformed while being received by its public, is Andrew’s primary inspiration. The spectator, in his simple act of viewing, carries out a final and fundamental intervention on the creator’s material, and Andrew seeks to highlight the magic of this collaborative exchange at every moment.

Originally a sedentary history and literature student, Andrew Turner developed chronic injuries that forced him to become physical in his early twenties. With no prior dance training, he was inexplicably accepted to Concordia University‘s Contemporary Dance Program in 2001. There he discovered a strong passion for both creation and performance. While still at school, he worked with the Caravan Stage Barge in 2003, touring the American East Coast and Missisissippi River by sailboat, performing in over twenty cities. He has since danced with Marie Béland, Paula de Vasconcelos, Milan Gervais, André Gingras, Pierre-Paul Savoie, Emmanule Jouthe, Hélène Langevin, Lucie Carmen Grégoire, Lisa Phinney Langley,  Deborah Dunn, Sasha Kleinplatz, Marie-Julie Asselin and Hinda Essadiqi.

His first work, Duet For One Plus Digressions (2008) won the Prix Rideau du OQWBJ at, the prix OQAJ and the Prix Studio 303 during the Festival Vue Sur la Relève. Having been presented in New York, Los Angeles, Lille (Fr) and Charleroi (Be), Duet For One is presently touring 21 cities in Québec as part of the program Les Entrées en scene Loto-Québec. In May 2010, he was invited to do a three week research residency with the dancers of Montréal Danse, under the artistic mentorship of Kathy Casey. His latest work, Now I Got Worry, premiered in March 2010.

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